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Finding and funding your college dreams

At Custom Fit College Planning, the first job is to listen to you. Each student and family has unique interests, strengths, and goals. Every prospective client and family is offered a complimentary initial consultation to explore the college admissions process and how Custom Fit College Planning can help you reach your goals. Our services are individualized for you and there are no mandatory services to purchase. With Custom Fit, you will choose exactly the services you need, and may add services at any time. Your comfort with every decision you make is the top priority.

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We will work together to create a path that shows your unique interests and attributes. Review and planning assistance in the areas of high-school course options (including Advanced Placement / International Baccalaureate options); extracurricular activities; community service; summer experiences; internship or work experiences; and standardized testing.

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Your application and scholarship essays are your chance to have complete control over one aspect of your application. Choosing a topic and writing in a voice that defines you as a unique applicant is worth extra time and effort. Using my experience as a professional writer and editor, I will work with you to brainstorm topics, edit and revise drafts, and take the time to make this an outstanding portion of your application. Also available: Review of student resume and social networking presence; admission and alumni interview practice.

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Using your specific criteria, we will define your college dreams. Taking into account factors such as college type, location, and culture; your possible programs of study; financial considerations; support systems available; transcript and college rigor / selectivity - research will result in a Big Fat College List with your specific criteria. The list will include a range of schools, along with criteria for comparison. I will help you plan campus visits and share specific information about individual schools and programs.

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Custom Fit College Planning will help you maximize your financial aid and scholarship opportunities and understand your unique profile and financial needs in light of each school’s policies. Each school must meet your financial needs in order to be a “custom fit”. We will help you interpret the language of the complex and changing financial aid system, including grants, loans, and merit aid.We will also work together to interpret and compare financial aid awards.

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So many requirements and deadlines! We will create an application timeline and a master calendar of all deadlines so you will be stress-free and on time. A careful review of application choices - early decision, early admission, and early action - will help you maximize your options for great results. We will assist with all applications as well as advise on reference letters and on specific questions such as, disclosure of special needs or disclosure of special circumstances.

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Congratulations! With admissions and financial offers in hand, you now have a big decision. Assistance with the decision process; admitted student visits/overnights; appeal negotiations; and waitlist follow-through are available.

Comprehensive Counseling Package: Our most popular - and best value!

$5000 (one country of application) or $5500 (two - four countries of application) Comprehensive counseling for up to 10 applications to help students identify, apply and gain admission and financial aid at colleges that are the right fit for the student. Students are accepted beginning in grade 9 or after, and select from the complete menu of services offered. This includes pre-college planning, search and selection of a wide range of appropriate colleges for the student, guidance through the admissions process, scholarship and financial aid assistance, and help with the big decision of where to attend. Students average 40-60 hours of counseling, based on individual needs. Your counselor is available by phone, WhatsApp, Zoom or face-to-face (Oregon, USA).


Custom Hourly Assistance: $150 per hour, or $500 for each 4-hour pre-paid time block.

Pick and choose exactly the services you need, related to pre-college planning, college selection, applications, essays, interviews and scholarships. Billed in 15-minute increments for all services. You may change to a comprehensive service at any time.

Our time together may be face-to-face, by phone, WhatsApp, Zoom or via email. Most students use a mix of these communication methods. With your student log-in you can schedule meetings, and submit documents for my review easily, anytime.

Thank you! We'll talk soon!

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