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Less Stress - More Success

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Every Step of the Way

Welcome! Whether you are a high school freshman thinking ahead, a senior scrambling for answers, or a parent who wants to help their child succeed, Custom Fit College Planning will work with you every step of the way.


Choosing a college is an exciting process, but these feelings can be overshadowed by the stress of unanswered questions, confusing rules, information overload, and the pressure of multiple deadlines. That’s where we come in. Custom Fit College Planning, works with each student and family to develop a highly individualized plan to meet your specific needs, including improving communication, decreasing stress, and increasing your educational choices. Less stress - more success!

Less Stress, More Success

We provide the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you present your strongest possible applications to the right schools, at the right time, for the best results. From transcript review to college search, essay editing, and financial aid facts, Custom Fit College Planning works with you to identify and be admitted to schools that fit your academic, social, and emotional needs - a place for you to grow and thrive. We will help you maximize your financial aid and scholarship opportunities and create your best options for college study and beyond. 

Schedule your complimentary consultation to simplify your college application process, have more fun, and help you reach your goals. 

Meet Manley

“Rene helped me identify my priorities in my college search. Her knowledge of the process and comfortable atmosphere supported me in investigating a variety of schools. I am now happily attending the University of Chicago!.” 


—  Steve, Parent, Oregon

“Rene Manley has been truly a godsend to us in the college application process!

Our daughter Kate is an excellent student but needed a lot more help than my wife and I were competent to give her in the process.

Rene stepped in and helped with every part of the process, including college selection, essay writing, setting time lines, tracking deadlines, and working directly with Kate through the process.

It would have been so much more stressful and the results so much less satisfactory without Rene’s help.”​


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As a School Counselor and College Instructor for over 20 years, I’ve helped many students from multiple countries to meet their goals. My passion and expertise come together with enthusiasm to help inform each student and family I work with, so that every decision you make is one that brings you confidence and excitement.

I hold a Master’s degree in Counseling from Oregon State University as well as a Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA. In addition to school counseling, I have taught at the University, Community College, and high school levels, and worked in Asia, USA, and Latin America.

As a multiply published author and editor, I bring a unique background and expertise to assist you with outstanding application essays. To help inform my clients, I continuously visit college and university campuses and keep in touch with colleagues in many admissions offices around the globe.

Meet Rene Manley


—  Conor, Student, University of Chicago 


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